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Who We Are
A young and traditionally innovative company specializing in the distribution of products, services, furnishings, equipment, accessories and training for hairdressers and beauticians. Our operational territory the province of Lucca where we have been working with success for some 30 years. Our philosophy is to work side by side with our clients, trying to interpret their needs and offer a service that is always up to the situation. We chose to operate in a capillary way, to be able to stay alongside our customers and to ensure fast deliveries in order to allow our customers an optimal management of their warehouse. Our business proposals are always designed and designed to offer our customers effective and cost-effective business, because we think of the customer as a partner, that is why we are committed to making our partner always in hand tools needed to succeed in your
activity History
The founder, Angelo Tomei, was born professionally as a barber in his father's shop but soon felt the need to broaden his horizons and decided to attend a prestigious school in Florence and then move to Rome in a prestigious salon. Returning to Versilia, he decides to turn his secret project into reality, to create an organization that will allow hairdressers to do their best to do their job. This is how A.TOMEI is born, over the years, cutting off its own important space in the distribution of hairdressing products, always working with the principles of professionalism and fairness. The same principles that still today, after thirty years, inspire the continuation of activity, allowing us to gain ever greater consensus.

Sale Supplies Products for Hairstylists & Aesthetics

Via di Montramito 431 / C
55040 Massarosa (LUCCA)

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