Terzi Industrie - Tessiltaglio
Manufacturer of single-use disposable items for hairdressers and beauticians

V.le Lombardia 870, 21050 Marnate (Varese), Italia - -

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Factory disposable disposable items for hairdressers and beauticians, production depilatory waxes

now Present on the market for over 40 years, the TERZI INDUSTRIE is a leading manufacturer of high polyethylene material, low density and new biodegradable materials.
Our company has in recent years acquired TESSILTAGLIO, (trademarks, machinery, technologies and know-how) thus becoming yet even more competitive in the production of cosmetic products and hairstyle.
Our production facilities enable us to produce, for important quantities, any kind of sizes, thicknesses, weights and customizations.

Bandy - Beautene - Flying - Tintella - Tessiltaglio


Factory disposable disposable items for hairdressers and beauticians - Production of depilatory waxes

V.le Lombardia 870
21050 Marnate (Varese)
Tel: +39 0331 601317
Fax: +39 0331 605571

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