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Founded in 1913 by Piero Mora, the company is one of the oldest in Europe between those operating in the cosmetics industry for Hairdressers and specializes in the development of products for hair dyes which are currently 80% of its turnover. Produces only for third nationally and abroad with their formulations, non-standard but created according to the specifications of each customer. It has its own laboratory for research and development, equipped with advanced instruments for quality control of raw materials and the finished product. The Silvio Mora S.r.l. operates in a recent production area of ​​5,500 square meters covered and employs 35 people, including graduates and highly qualified staff with strong technical and scientific sectors of coloring hair. The modern process technologies used and the rationalization of the entire cycle of working allows a total daily production of 7,000 kg of hair dyes in different formulation types, split between bulk and manufactured from start to packaging. The total capacity of filling for colors is around 80,000 pieces per day, of which 50,000 bottles and 30,000 tubes of size between 50 and 250 ml. Optimal management of the packaging material of customers is ensured by a new area used as a warehouse for a total area of ​​2,000 square meters covered.

Hair cream and gel, with and without ammonia, professional and DIY kits. More than 3,900 formulas operational possibilities almost endless choice of colors, scents, of functional ingredients and type of formulation.
New: professional color cream without paraphenylenediamine and without resorcinol (over 150 colors in folder), Masks and Gel riflessanti dyes and direct coloring: ammonia-free and without dye oxidation, oxidizing highly stabilized emulsions: a key and often overlooked, for the success of a coloring treatments in a vial by rinsing and non-reinforcing, Fall, conditioners, mineral, Shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioners personalized Permanent for waving cold and neutralizing permanent.
Among the pioneers of the placenta, we develop highly effective treatments with ingredients technological and vegetable substances. Production capacity: filling of more than 40,000 vials per day. Extensive experience in professional hair specialists. Specific products including balancing and post-color treatment at acidic pH based on surface extremely gentle. Formulations of new generation, feed-protective, pleasantly scented for any ripple, soft or firm, in full observance of hair. ________________

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