San Dona di Piave hairdressers, hair extensions, bridal hairstyles

Via Calnova, 10 - 30027 - San Dona' di Piave (VE) - Italy
Tel: 0421.41238 - Fax: 0421.40600

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Salon hairstyles hair fashion and aesthetics Venice Italy

Venice, wedding hairstyles, hair cuts fashion



Final Miss Veneto, Jesolo - August 18, 2012
Training Course
Milan fashion bride Aimé

Intercoiffure Mondial, Rome 2012
Intercoiffure Mondial, Paris 2011
group Intercoiffure Lab, 2011


Venice, wedding hairstyles, hair cuts fashion

Via Calnova, 10
30027 - S.Donà di Piave - Venezia - Italy
Tel. +390421 41238
Fax +390421 40600

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