Profumeria Paola
Perfumery Paola - Sale of Items for Hair Salon and Aesthetics

Via Solferino - 20837 - Veduggio Con Colzano (MB), Italy
Tel: 0575 740816

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Profumeria Paola was born in Veduggio con Colzano in 1981, in these years of activity and success, perfumery opened in 1996 a new head office in Desio. In Paola Profumerie you can find a wide assortment of perfumery, cosmetics, make-up, costume jewelery, leather goods and various accessories. Also professional products, equipment and furniture for hairdressers and beauticians. Wholesale and retail.




Perfumery Paola
Sale Hair Care and Beauty Products

Via Solferino
20837 Veduggio With Colzano (MB), Italy
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