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Via Cassala, 64 - 25126 - Brescia (BS), Italy
Tel: +39.030.3750257 - Fax: +39.030.296804

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  Founded in Italy in 1920 by John Morocutti young grinder Friuli, the company Morocutti has become over the years a reference point for all companies in the sector.
It specializes in cutting, has expanded its range to follow the trends in the area of ​​aesthetics and hairdressing evolving.

  The company is known and appreciated for Morocutti
the high quality of the products;
professionalism and availability of their agents;
the serious service and qualified to meet every need.


Brescia - Italy
Via Cassala, 64
Tel: +39 030/3750257
Fax: +39 030/296804
P.IVA: 02054480179

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