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Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity


Luigi Buratti: Class '71, 25 years, owner of the salon in the center of Borgomanero (Novara), technical director of artistic L'Or�al Professionnel, protagonist of international platforms, not its presence as a finalist at the Alternative Hair in Milan. Devotes part of his youth studying to get to the place that now covers: image expert, sophisticated and contemporary style, a trusted advisor to those who can not do without his hands.
Fausto Buratti: between a manifestation of beauty, the search for styles to be applied to his muses and the various commitments acquired after the birth of "LUIGI BURATTI ATELIER", in collaboration with his brother Luigi in the first place, it is the fundamental pivot of the hall of Biella. Here he pursued his skill and with great passion continues in its success. Every woman is beautiful, after our interpretation is only more beautiful.

LUIGI AND FAUSTO BURATTI: if you say to the grown-ups: "I saw a beautiful woman, dressed in pink, very elegant, and hair care" they do not come to imagine it.
It must be said: "I have been pampered and a woman, on her I expressed the essence of me, the color of her hair I studied it carefully, I made a cut suitable for your face and I let you feel" important "his eyes" Then they would exclaim: "How lovely." If every day you could make a masterpiece, on all fronts, not ever lose our desire to create and grow ... sometimes you have to settle for having at least tried.
This is basically the thought of the brothers Buratti.


Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity

Via Trieste, 1A
13900 - Biellla - Biella - Italy
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Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity

Via Caneto, 58
28021 - Borgomanero - Novara - Italy
Tel. +39 0322841193 ________________

Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity

Piazza Antonelli, 24
28014 - Maggiora - Novara - Italy
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