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Via G. Peano, 90 - 10040 - Leini (Torino), Italy
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Un efficent laboratory, in co-operation also with university institutions, develops research and quality controls. Its highly qualified personnel can design and produce new formulas created on the basis on the individual needs of the client and define the best production strategy. Our aim is offer our clients not only reliable and competitive products, but also adeguate (partial or complete) "full service" assistance. We are therefore in a position to follow our clients, step by step, form the launching to the actual selling of a product. The versatility of our production sector can also guarantee small, medium or big supplies, both in bulk and in finished products. Our range of products is very wide and includes:
- hair and scalp products; face products (detergents, tonic lotions, creams, masks, etc.);
- body products (oils, creams, anticellulities, firming products);
- sun protection and sun-tanning products (creams, lotions, protective, oils and sun-tanning products, ect.);
- nails polish;
- alcoholic perfumery;
Moreover, the cosmetics research and tecnology laboratiry ensures a continuos updating of the formulas and can adapt the products to the specific needs of our clients. Modern technologies anf highly-qualified human resources guarantee total reliability, a production capacity of up 5.000 kilos per day including hair products as well as face and body products as well as face and body products.
Our packaging lines can produce, according to the size of the packaging up to:
- 6.000/day (bottle, jars, small vases);
- 3.000/day (hair-spray bottles);
- 25.000/day (phials)
Our production capacity is trebled in comparision with 1997, with a future grauth trend foreseen at a 25% rate annum. Three complete lines, one of which fully automatic,. all very flexible and adaptable to any kind of packaging, a phial filling machine and a complete line for the filling and scaling of hair spray bottles allow our firm to satisfy all kinds of packaging need.


symbol of beauty

Via G. Peano, 90
10040 | Leini (TO), Italy
0114225491 | 0114225492

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