Manufacturer hair products - Production lines for hair

Via Meucci, 16 - 20019 - Settimo Milanese (MI) - Italy
Tel: +39.02.48926382 - Fax: +39.02.45329981

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Manufacturer hair products - Production lines for hair
Production on contract professional products for hairdressers since 1997
We offer a third company to customize product lines of professional hair, with a turnkey service, from formulation to finished product, including the study of the graphic. The certainty of providing an excellent product and excellent customer service we perform is witnessed by a large number of companies that come to us continuously for years for their product brands.
Intercosmetics provides the customer the knowledge of the professional market where it operates more than 10 years and its structure:
- Marketing and Business Support for optimizing choices
- GRAPHIC DESIGN for the design of product lines
- LITERATURE: support drafting texts and files required by international regulations
- SEARCH FOR PACKAGING most suited to the customer's request
- RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT formulations for more advanced
- CHEMICAL LABORATORY to customize formulations
- Quality raw materials, active ingredients effective
- Production of: dyes, semi permanent color, treating and restructuring lotions, creams, masks, cleansers scalp and hair treatments, styling and finishing products
- Competent and skilled production staff
- Average production capacity 18000/20000 pc. days
- MINIMUM QUANTITY variables as needed


P. IVA 12226170152
Via Meucci, 16
20090 - Settimo Milanese (MI)
Tel +39 02 48926382 - Fax +39 02 45329981
production lines hair
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