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Via Felice Cavallotti 84, Monza, Italia - Tel: +39 0392625108 -

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Best hairdressers Monza

Alberto Fucci and Claudia De Luca are two beauty professionals who in 2013 created "A & C Fucci Hair". A salon expression of style and elegance, a place to go not only to cut and style the hair, but a relational space to visit in order to live a rewarding experience made of hospitality, attention, wellness rituals.
Our idea of ​​Salon Concept is summarized in the phrase with which customers are welcomed at the reception "Your hair ... Our Passion." Supported by a highly specialized team, Alberto and Claudia are coiffure artists, who enhance and enhance the uniqueness of the individual, aware that hair is an instrument of attraction, vehicle of a message, of a state of mind, of a wish.

Our slogan is "Your hair is our passion (your hair is our passion)
hairdressers monza
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