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Via Ninfea, 92 - 25049 - Iseo (BS), Italy
Tel: 030.980022

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Our mission is to offer more advanced services to our customers, always treat their image and take care of their well-being with attention to detail, staff competence, the use of high-performance products, respecting the customer and the environment in which we live. Your contribution has been and will always be important as well as your satisfaction or your criticism, all this has made us grow and through this will grow again. The commitment that we renew with respect to all of you is to always pay more attention to constantly improve the service we offer, perfecting every aspect from the stylistic to the relational, always offering the most modern and refined existing in the sector, because our customers deserve only the best.

Salone Iseo: Via Ninfea, 92 - 25049 - Iseo - Brescia - Italy - Tel. +39 030/980022
Salons Boario Terme: Corso Italia, 91 - 25047 - Boario terme - Brescia - Italy - Tel. +39 334/6389469
Salons Pianborno: Via Cofere, 18 - 25052 - Pianborno - Brescia - Italy - Tel. +39 0364/466755
Salons Biennio: Via Contrizio, 49 - 25040 - Biennio - Brescia - Italy - Tel. +39 0364/300503
Salons Edolo: Corte Mottinelli, 1 - 25048 - Edolo - Brescia - Italy - Tel. +39 333/7934828


25049 - Iseo - Brescia - Italy
Via Ninfea, 92
Tel. +39 030/980022
P.IVA 02660530987

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