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Professional line of hairdryers and hair straighteners

Via Montegolico 164 21017 Samarate (Varese), Italia - -

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Company DIVA is a young company founded in 2017, but, thanks to the experience of over 25 years of its technical staff, can make use of a specific know-how in the sector of professional equipment for hairdressers. We are collaborators of many other Italian companies operating in hair beauty and we constantly try to offer them and to professionals in the field of performing, effective and reliable instruments. We have also created our own line of products that we market with the DEADIVA BRAND in compliance with fair competition. We think that those investing in MADE IN ITALY must be repaid: for this reason, our products are treated in detail to guarantee the professional high quality and durability over time. We produce many details that make up the products we offer, because we believe that the best guarantee we can offer is that your professional tool has been created by us.

Product Line
DEADIVA is the professional line of hair styling tools that guarantees maximum quality and extreme functionality on all its products, offering the most effective and complete answer to support the hair styling evolution. DEADIVA products are distinguished by the precious characteristics of the materials, the solidity of the assembly and the scrupulous care of every detail. The productive excellence of DEADIVA proves decisive in the contribution of innovation and creativity serving the needs of professionals in the sector. ________________


Via Montegolico 164
21017 Samarate (Varese), Italy
Tel: +39 0331 1393111
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