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disposable articles for aesthetics and hairdressers, non woven fabric, absorbent and detergents for aesthetics and capes for hairdressers

Via Case Basse snc, 27017 Pieve Porto Morone (Pavia) Italia - -

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Disposable Items Factory

CPM is a consolidated reality for many years in the market of products for professionals of professional aesthetics. The main identity is represented by the wholesale marketing, but also by a great flexibility and interpretation of the customer and the market, which allow to satisfy even more limited and refined needs. A company that has a primary position on the Italian market but with significant contacts and experiences in other countries both inside and outside the European community. A market reference characterized by proven seriousness, quality, service and constant updating, which finds a great response in the sector. This is confirmed by demanding customers of great value, who for many years have reconfirmed their trust. Constant research, investment and spirit of support ensure an authentic attention to the needs of customers and derive a high degree of satisfaction and collaboration over time.

The research and supply of quality is one of the primary values, and is linked above all to the careful selection of products that by now describes and connotes the work of CPM for many years. The quality is made of serious intentions but must also be constantly tested. For this reason, the selection is linked to a special set of technical documentation that protects the customer and the company. Furthermore, CPM is increasingly looking for biocompatible products, with full respect for mankind and the environment, evaluating the conversion of successful products with the same performance indices, but with a sustainable composition and environmental impact. CPM believes that a "green" choice is a duty for all men and companies who have a conscience and a project for a future of value.


CPM Production Center Single Use
Disposable Items Factory

Via Case Basse snc
27017 Pieve Porto Morone (Pavia), Italy
disposable articles for aesthetics and hairdressers
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