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Furnishings for hairdressers

Forniture and Design

CHAIR SANDY: cod. PSA0ZAL1. Swivel armchair upholstered in fabric skin - Inches 68x73x93h - WASH WASH SANDY: cod. LSA01044 - Dry methacrylate column with tilt and sink in white ceramic. Upholstered seat in fabric skin. - 68x128x106h

CALLA'S RELAX: cod. LCRIMCR1-2-3. Shampoo height adjustable with hydraulic or electric movement. Ceramic sink white, black or ivory. Upholstered seat in fabric skin and arms in stainless steel. Inches 128x68x106h

JOBS: TOO and TOO MUCH. Workplace wall with perimeter frame and footrest in aluminum and portaphon embedded in methacrylate. TOO MUCH: cod. WAL02008: Mirror 120x7x90 cm. TOO: cod. WAL02009: Mirror cm 60x7x130. ARMCHAIR NIKITA: cod. PNKXECR1. NIKITA WASH WASH: cod. LNIK0001

ZANZI P0STI TABLE 6: Code WZAN6001. Table with wooden top and base in mottled alluminnio. Two-faced mirror mounted on the floor and swivel. 300x100 cm. KUBIC Cod PQU0DCR1. Swivel armchair upholstered in fabric skin. 68x73x93h cm. Inches 128x68x106h

KONY WASH. KONY - PANCOTTO: cod. APANCO01 Sofa: structure padded, upholstered back and sides in technical fabric and lining sitting in pony skin naturally. Cm 160x60x100 h

NEW WORKPLACE GLASSWORK: cod. WGLA1002. Workplace transparent glass wall. Footrest embedded in aluminum. Inches. 80x30x210. ARMCHAIR BLACK CARLOTTA: cod. PPBXECR1. Swivel armchair with body in acrylic and aluminum armrests. 52x44x79h cm. MOBILE CASH TRYA ALUX: cod. MC1TRYA1. Mobile case with aluminum perimeter frame and acrylic front. Inches. 180x75x120 h


Furnishings for hairdressers

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Furniture Hairdressing
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